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Greenfield can be considered a fantastic environment to raise a family. You would probably feel comfortable there because the parks are great places to go to decompress. It would be awful if this came to an abrupt stop from some unforeseeable mishap. Are you hurt? Do not be afraid to contact a personal injury attorney in the Greenfield, Wisconsin, area. Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C. has witnessed almost every type of accident there is.

Incidents That Give Rise to Personal Injuries

Physical injuries that have caused you pain and discomfort and necessitated medical attention, as well as other costs, are the main focus of a personal injury claim. These injuries can be the result of the following events:

  • Faulty products
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Medical negligence
  • Building liability
  • Workplace mishaps

Compensation for a Personal Injury Claim in Greenfield, Wisconsin

Damages are the monetary awards made to a plaintiff following the filing of a personal injury claim. According to Wisconsin law, special damages (also known as economic damages), general damages (commonly known as non-economic damages), and punitive damages may all be awarded in personal injury cases. The three categories of damage are described below, along with some of the costs involved.

Specific damages

These are typically supported by records that provide precise financial information, such as payslips, invoices, and receipts. Examples include:

  • Unearned present and past income
  • Current and upcoming medical costs
  • The costs of repairing, replacing, or rebuilding a property
  • Legal costs and associated costs

General Damages

It is harder to support this statement. It is normally evaluated on an individual basis using a certain mathematical technique. These comprise:

  • Anxiety
  • Lifelong disfigurement-related psychological stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Relationship breakdowns with family and friends
  • PTSD
  • Effect on one’s quality of life

Punitive Damages

Only when the at-fault party has committed a particularly egregious act, and the court intends to set an example for them, will it impose punitive damages.

Punitive damages awards in Wisconsin are capped at $200,000 or twice the amount of other compensatory damages, whichever is larger. Your Greenfield, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer must demonstrate that the wrongdoer behaved intentionally or knowingly neglected your rights in order for you to be eligible for punitive damages. Punitive damages are not always left to the jury’s discretion. Whether or not the jury in a given case will consider punitive damages is ultimately up to the judge.

Car Accident Fatalities in Greenfield

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee County, where Greenfield is, includes:

  • 27th Street N. and Center Street W.
  • Fond Du Lac Avenue W. and Capitol Drive W.
  • 35th Street N. and Center Street W.

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the year to date total of car accident fatalities for Milwaukee County is 44. Currently, Milwaukee County has the highest year to date total of car crash fatalities.

If you’ve been in a car accident in Greenfield, having a reliable personal injury lawyer can help you significantly with your case.

Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Greenfield

The attorneys at Welcenbach Law Offices want to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your damages. We understand how taxing it can be to deal with the legal system, and we’re here to help. Our attorneys can assist you with many types of accidents, including:

When Should I Bring this Personal Injury Claim to Greenfield, Wisconsin?

According to Wisconsin Statutes section 893.54, the time restriction for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Wisconsin is typically three years but can vary. This means that, barring a rare exemption that would allow you to extend the deadline, your case must be filed in a Wisconsin state court within three years of the date of your injuries. If not, it won’t be heard at all. You must thus be mindful of your time constraints and adhere to them diligently.

Do This if a Car Accident Leaves You with Personal Injury

What you do after finding yourself in this situation is very important. Follow these steps:

  • Report the incident. Get to the nearest police station and make a report. This report will be useful.
  • Get photos of the scene. Try to approach from a variety of distances and angles.
  • Make an appointment to see your doctor. You may feel fine, but some injuries may not show up immediately.
  • Consult a Greenfield, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. They may decide to file a claim on your behalf if need be. At the very least, let us speak to an insurance company on your behalf.

Greenfield Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyers at Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C. deal with claims brought about by a number of incidents, such as vehicle crashes, slip-and-fall injuries, premises liability, and intentional torts. We give our clients the resources, legal expertise, and track record they need to pursue the just restitution for their losses and hold others accountable. Schedule a consultation with us! Let us make a plan and discuss the way forward.