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Cudahy, Wisconsin, is a great place to visit if you want to learn about historical sites, relax from the bustle of a busy town, and have a mental reset. Being involved in an accident while trying to complete your itinerary would really sour the experience. A Welcenbach Law Offices personal injury attorney ought to be on deck if you find yourself in this situation.

Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies are worried about making a profit. They will harass you into accepting a pitiful amount if you don’t have a lawyer to defend you. We can help in this situation because we are aware of insurance company procedures and the strategies they employ to attempt to diminish or even deny legitimate claims. If the insurance company delays negotiations, a qualified personal injury attorney will also be aware of the statute of limitations and ready to file a claim.

A capable personal injury lawyer in Cudahy, Wisconsin, will also fight to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your losses by pursuing both monetary and intangible losses.

Car Crash Statistics in Cudahy

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee County, where Cudahy is located, include:

  • W. Capitol Drive and Highway 45
  • W. National Avenue and I-894
  • N. Mayfair Road and W. North Avenue

The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported a final year-end car crash total of 24,376 in Milwaukee County. This is the highest total out of all the counties in Wisconsin.

While it may seem like Milwaukee is a dangerous place to drive, we also have to consider things like the size and population of a county. Still, it’s helpful to have a reliable personal injury lawyer on your side in case you do get hurt in a car accident.

Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Cudahy, WI

At Welcenbach Law Offices, we’re dedicated to helping you through each step of the legal system. You don’t have to go through this process alone. We specialize in several practice areas, such as:

How to Proceed if You Have Sustained Personal Injuries in a Car Accident

  • Inform the police about the event. This report will then be helpful.
  • As many pictures as you can of the rival cars. Make an effort to approach from different angles and distances.
  • Visit your doctor as soon as you get home. Medical records are useful to have on hand in case of an occurrence.
  • Consult a personal injury attorney in Cudahy, Wisconsin, so they can submit a claim on your behalf.

It is important to follow the above steps, as before deciding whether to pursue your claim, we must first analyze your chances of success. In order to achieve this, your attorney may ask for copies of:

  • The medical record created by the physician who examined you following the accident
  • Images from the accident scene
  • Images of your injuries
  • Records you may have from witnesses

Maybe Res Ipsa Loquitur Applies to your Personal Injury Cases

Res ipsa loquitur is an evidence rule that enables the jury to determine the defendant’s guilt without requiring additional proof that the defendant went against a standard of care. To rely on the res ipsa loquitur rule of evidence, the plaintiff must prove each of the following for the court to do so:

  • In the absence of negligence, the incidence was of a sort that would not frequently occur.
  • The instrument or agent that caused the harm was entirely under the defendant’s control.

What is the Best Time to File this Personal Injury Claim?

The best time is right away. According to Wisconsin Statutes section 893.54, the time restriction for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Wisconsin is usually three years. This means that your case must be filed in a Wisconsin state court within three years of the date of your injuries. If not, it won’t be heard at all.

You must therefore be mindful of your time constraints and adhere to them diligently. We would recommend not waiting until the three years are about to expire. You may have difficulty gathering the relevant evidence and find yourself in a race against time. Your Cudahy personal injury law should worry about that for you.

Cudahy Personal Injury Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers at Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C. deal with claims brought about by a variety of incidents, such as vehicle crashes, slip-and-fall injuries, premises liability, and intentional torts. We give our clients the resources, legal expertise, and track record they need to pursue the just restitution for their losses and hold others accountable. Schedule a consultation with us! Let us make a plan and discuss the way forward.