If you were injured in a truck accident, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Wisconsin - Welcenbach Law Offices - injured1Why is this important? Because the clock is ticking in the race to preserve evidence. Once a truck accident occurs the truck company will typically contact their own attorney in an effort to either prevent or destroy evidence or to otherwise influence the outcome of the investigation.

These are known in the truck industry as “rapid response teams” and they are intended to minimize the truck company’s responsibility and to prevent law enforcement or the injured victim from finding out the truth. It starts by the truck company having, on retainer, local truck accident defense attorneys who are immediately contacted to hire an investigative team.

This is done to try and prevent the evidence from being discovered under the guise that this is “attorney client information” and done in an effort for the attorney to investigate the accident. The attorney will then hire their own experts or investigators who will go to the scene as soon as possible and try to advise the driver or other parties what to say to eliminate minimize or limit the truck companies responsibilities.

There are ways to counteract this. The first way is to hire a truck accident attorney who knows about this defense tactic. Your attorney can then submit discovery to determine if this is a standard practice of the truck company and to see if the truck company has used this attorney or other experts in previous cases and to determine if this is just standard operating procedure for them and done in an effort to prevent evidence from being admitted lawfully.

Typically the truck company will have an attorney who will then hire an accident reconstructionist, an ECM download expert, a component expert, and a photographer or videographer. A visual inspection of the truck, inspection of any tow log sign in books and questioning of tow lot employees may also lead to information as to other employees or experts who have investigated the scene on behalf of the truck company. It’s a good idea when taking depositions in the case to ask all witnesses including the investigating officers that they talk to the defense lawyer other truck company employers other investigators’ and whether they witnessed anyone else investigating and taking photos of videos of the scene or the truck.

This article is just meant to give you a basic understanding of how truck companies seek to control and limit the evidence of their negligence.

If you have further questions about how rapid response teams work or are looking for an attorney who is experienced in dealing with truck crashes contact our attorneys today.