How to choose a truck accident attorney in Wisconsin

How To Choose A Truck Accident Attorney in Wisconsin - Welcenbach - t1When it comes to choosing a truck accident attorney to represent you, you may have questions like: What kind of lawyer is best for a truck accident case? How do I know I can trust a lawyer? How do I know the lawyer is going to fight for me and not the insurance company?

 Here are the best questions to ask a truck accident attorney before you decide who represents you:

  • What experience does the truck accident attorney have in handling truck accident cases?
  • Does the attorney try cases or just settle?
  • Will the truck accident attorney personally handle your case or will it be handed off to a paralegal or junior associate?
  • Does the truck accident attorney work with lawyers throughout the nation on truck cases?
  • Does the truck accident lawyer stay on top of truck accident news and laws?
  • Does the truck accident attorney attend national seminars focused solely on trucking?
  • Does the truck accident lawyer belong to specialized attorney organizations specifically addressing truck accidents and laws?
  • Does the truck accident attorney belong to a trial lawyers organizations dedicated to utilizing advanced trial techniques?

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