Mequon Personal Injury Lawyer

Mequon has been praised as a great place to rest. It’s so kid-friendly that you would likely be at peace while there. Parks make for a terrific spot to unwind. It would be unfortunate if this were to end suddenly due to an unforeseen accident. Are you injured? Do not be reluctant to retain a personal injury lawyer in the Mequon, Wisconsin region. There is seldom an accident that Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C. hasn’t seen.

You Need an Experienced Mequon, Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney

I am insured. Do I really need a lawyer?

Because insurance companies frequently engage in a back and forth dialogue with victims, negotiation with a business or insurance provider will be an uphill battle. Insurance companies are not neutral; they aim to save as much money as possible. They are not on your side. You might realize you can’t handle this claim on your own. Choosing a lawyer early on is preferable to doing so later when irreversible errors have already been made.

Types of Personal Injuries

A personal injury claim’s main focus is on physical injuries that have caused the victim’s pain, suffering, and need for additional expenses like medical care. The following incidents may lead to these injuries:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Workplace mishaps
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Slip and Fall Accidents

Bicycle Accident Statistics in Wisconsin

In 2016, the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported a total of 918 bicycle crashes, where 11 bicyclists were killed and 849 were injured. Out of these 918 accidents, 751 occurred in an urban location and 167 occurred in a rural area. This suggests that bike accidents are more common in urban settings, such as the city. Still, bicycle accidents can happen anywhere.

Regardless of where the accident occurred, bicycle wrecks tend to cause more serious injuries since the biker has less protection than someone in a vehicle. If you’ve been a victim of a bicycle accident, call Welcenbach Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Mequon, WI

We understand how hard it can be to go through the legal system. After an accident, you want to focus on recovery – not medical bills and filing a lawsuit. That’s where we come in. The personal injury attorneys at Welcenbach Law Offices will offer you support and guidance through these difficult times. Here are some of the services we offer to clients:

How Much Your Mequon Personal Injury Attorney Will Help You Get

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you file a claim for any of the following, you might receive compensation under the following headings:

Special Damages

  • Prescription medications, fees, or medical expenses
  • Costs to transport you if you are immobile
  • Lost earnings (what you would have made if you were able to work)

General Damages

  • Emotional and physical suffering
  • Loss of sleep
  • PTSD

Punitive Damages

In order to prevent future incidents like yours, the court may impose damages and make an example of the party you are suing. This is where the Defendant’s actions were particularly egregious.

Proving Your Case

Before deciding whether to pursue your claim, we will first estimate your chances of being successful. As your attorneys, we may ask for copies of:

  • The medical record created by the physician who examined you following the accident
  • Images from the accident scene
  • Images of your injuries
  • Records you may have from witnesses
  • Police Reports

But most certainly, a competent personal injury lawyer in Mequon, Wisconsin, will also take into account if the elements of carelessness have been established. These are:

  • A duty
  • A breach of that duty
  • Injury as a result of that duty

Mequon Personal Injury Lawyer

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C. deal with claims brought about by a range of incidents, such as vehicle crashes, slip-and-fall injuries, premises liability, and intentional torts. We give our clients the resources, legal expertise, and track record they need to pursue the just restitution for their losses and hold others accountable. Schedule a consultation with us! Let us make a plan and discuss the way forward.