Scenarios That Warrant a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents fall under the legal definition of “tort” cases, or cases that result in personal injury. While many slips don’t meet the legal requirement for a tort lawsuit, there are many types of situations where the property owner’s negligence has led directly to serious injury for the victim. Different jurisdictions will have different rules about what warrants a slip and fall lawsuit, but there are a few key elements that have to be in place in order to take court action.

Hazardous Conditions

In order to meet the criteria for a personal injury lawsuit, the property in question must have had hazardous or unsafe conditions at the time of the accident. It’s not enough for the defendant to trip over their own feet on otherwise safe flooring. There needs to be a spill, or ice, or an uneven walkway, or some other significant hazard that caused the accident.


The plaintiff in a slip and fall accident has to prove that the property owner’s negligence led directly to the accident. This can be done by proving that there wasn’t a proper warning in place at the site of the hazard. The law requires property owners to put up a warning when they are aware of a possible slip hazard, and if there were no signs in place, that would be grounds for a lawsuit. Additionally, a property owner who refuses to fix a hazard even after knowing about it for a long period of time will be vulnerable to legal action if the victim has an accident at the site.

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