Robert Welcenbach Speaks About Wisconsin’s Power of Attorney Law

Robert Welcenbach was invited to speak recently at the Waukesha County Bar Association Estate Planning Section. He was asked to speak on Wisconsin’s Power of Attorney law, which is contained in Chapter 244. Mr. Welcenbach discussed the overall provisions of the act, the powers and duties contained in the Power of Attorney document and common breaches by agents under Power of Attorney.

These include theft, mismanagement, unauthorized gifting and other acts of self-dealing. Mr. Welcenbach discussed some of the potential remedies including some standard remedies and some out-of-the-box remedies, such as actions for common law fraud, conversion, punitive damages and tortious interference with inheritance.

The misuse and mismanagement of Powers of Attorney is a common problem that is growing each day with the number of Americans that are aging. If you have any questions about the mismanagement, theft or other potential abuses by an agent under Power of Attorney, please feel free to contact Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C.