How to Spot the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many times we will put our grandparents, parents, and relatives in nursing homes because we believe the facility will provide the best quality care for them. Unfortunately, elderly adults can be abused in the very nursing home that you believed was the best fit for your relative. Since elders become physically and sometimes mentally weaker, they cannot always stand up for themselves when they’re bullied. It is imperative to pay close attention of the so-called “care” being provided to your relatives because your loved one can be seriously injured if they are neglected. At the Welcenbach Law Offices, we have experienced nursing home abuse lawyers that can help protect you and your elder’s rights if there has been abuse or neglect.

To determine if your loved one has been abused or neglected that resulted in injury, there are a few warning signs you will want to recognize. The most general signs you will first notice if an elderly person and caregiver constantly argue with each other, which results in drastic changes in behavior or personality from the elder. Caregivers might simply explain that the elder person has symptoms of dementia; however, you still must be cautious because while signs of elder abuse can overlap with mental deterioration, you should not dismiss them.

You can determine if elders are experiencing physical abuse if you notice unexplained signs of injuries. This can include bruises, scars or welts on their body and rope marks on their wrists due to restraints. The caregiver might not allow you to visit your loved one alone because they fear what the elder might say. Caregivers could be emotionally abusing elders by threatening, belittling, or even controlling them. If this occurs, elders might begin mumbling to themselves or rocking back and forth.

Caregivers will attempt to cover up any signs of injuries and even neglect. You will notice if your loved ones are neglected if there is unusual weight loss, malnutrition, or dehydration. If the bed sheets and clothes are left dirty, it creates unsanitary living conditions. There could be unsafe living conditions as well from faulty electrical wiring to fire hazards. All of these are obvious signs of caregiver neglect and you should contact an attorney immediately to discuss your rights.

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