How to Avoid Car Repair Scams

All of us have taken our cars in for repairs, for one reason or another. This is rarely an enjoyable activity, and most of us know little or nothing about vehicles, engines, car body repairs or even basic maintenance.

This leaves us open to certain scams to take advantage of our lack of knowledge. Some of the scams that are run on car owners include telling you that you need certain repairs that are unnecessary or billing you for work that was not performed. Here are some common car repair scams to watch for.

Putting your car on a lift and taking apart certain systems, before you have agreed to pay for the repairs. If you don’t agree, you are left trying to put it back together yourself or paying the auto shop to do so, even if the car is not repaired.

Showing you the oil from your transmission with metal filings present in the oil, and then informing you that you need to have a new transmission installed in your vehicle. In fact, with metal filings present in transmission oil does not necessarily mean you need a new transmission, and is common.

The cost of transmission replacement is expensive, and this is a scam that has lost many people money. Some will replace a part in your vehicle with a rebuilt part, but then charge you for a brand new part. This scam has been used hundreds of times, and the auto shop makes a bigger profit, and you lose. It is important that you are protected from auto shop scams. Some repair shops are run by ethical owners, while some are not.

Never allow work to be done without your authorization, and find out the cost before any work is done. You can always get a second opinion from another shop if you think you may be the victim of a scam.

Ensure that any parts taken from your car are returned to you so you know the work was actually completed.

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