What Welcenbach Law Offices Can Do for You

After a car accident, you need help—both medically and legally. Our firm has the resources to provide you with assistance, including the following:

  1. We can evaluate your bodily injuries to determine the value of the settlement you are entitled to recover.
  2. We can manage the issues related to property damage so you get your vehicle repaired or replaced.
  3. We can resolve any complex legal issues and negotiate with the insurance company to get a settlement that is fair.
  4. We will deal with the doctors to obtain your records, any reports, billing statements that must be paid and notify any medical providers about where to send the bills from your accident.
  5. We provide services that will include sending a private investigator to interview any witnesses, get statements and to take photos of the scene and your vehicle, as well as preserve any other relevant data.
  6. File a lawsuit if a fair settlement has not been offered in a reasonable period of time.

Our firm, Welcenbach Law Offices, S.C., has gained prominence as a high-quality personal injury law firm that serves Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to protect the right of the injured to full compensation for all damages. We are prepared to fight for justice and full compensation, so contact us.