Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Milwaukee? 5 Things to Consider

The aftermath of a car accident is overwhelming. From contacting your insurance company to scheduling doctor’s appointments — a lot needs to be done. Worse, your medical bills are stacking up, and you don’t know if insurance will cover them.

To you, it’s clear that the other driver was at fault, but how can you prove it? You’ve heard inspirational stories about car accident victims winning settlements, but is hiring a lawyer the right move for your situation?

At Welcenbach Injury Law, we understand all too well the stress of navigating an auto accident claim. We’ve put together five things you should consider before hiring a Milwaukee car accident lawyer.

#1 The Severity of Your Injuries

When deciding whether you want a lawyer, think about the severity of your accident. Did you get scrapped up, or did you sustain serious injuries? If your damages are severe, an attorney can help you get compensation to cover your medical bills.

Of course, car accident attorneys can also help you earn compensation if you only have minor injuries. Schedule a free case evaluation to get a clear picture of the value of your case.

#2 Your Current and Future Expenses

Along with the severity of your accident, it’s essential to consider your expenses from the crash. This includes both current and future expenses. For example, if your injuries from the accident require lifelong medical care and you’re unable to work, hiring a lawyer may be in your best interest.

#3 Who Was at Fault

Even if you know the other driver was entirely at fault for the accident, it could be your word against theirs. A car accident attorney can compile evidence that proves the other party caused the wreck. If the other driver’s insurance company blames you for the accident when it isn’t your fault, then it’s time to contact a personal injury attorney.

#4 The Cost of Hiring a Lawyer

Many people are hesitant to hire a lawyer because they’re worried about the cost. They might not know that personal injury lawyers usually offer free consultations. Also, they typically only charge you if they win your case. Car accident lawyers often charge a contingency fee, a percentage of the settlement you earn. You can ask about costs and expenses during your consultation if you’re still worried about prices.

#5 The Statute of Limitations

While deciding about hiring a car accident attorney, remember the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the timeframe you have to seek legal action after you’ve been in an accident. In Wisconsin, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally three years from the date of your accident but can vary.

This might seem like a long time, but it’s best practice to hire a Milwaukee car accident attorney soon after your accident so that they can get started on your case. The sooner they start your case, the quicker you can earn compensation.

Benefits of Working With a Milwaukee Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents are devastating — there’s no way around it. But working with a car accident attorney can help you reduce the fallout.

Here are a few ways that a personal injury attorney can benefit you:

  • Understanding the law and legal terms
  • Compiling evidence and creating a case for you
  • Communicating with the other insurance company
  • Calculating current and future damages
  • Negotiating settlement amounts
  • Representing you in court

While hiring a lawyer may not be the right choice for everyone, there are many advantages to having an attorney on your side.

Welcenbach Injury Law: Experienced Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyers 

After a car crash, all you want to do is recover and return to your everyday life, but now you have so much to handle. Even if you take all the right precautions, you may still receive little to no compensation for your damages.

Let our auto accident attorneys at Welcenbach Injury Law help you. We’re devoted to helping accident victims like you achieve maximum results for an insurance claim. We’ve helped thousands of Milwaukee residents get large settlements in car accident cases. Call today to schedule your free consultation if you need a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer.