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Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Deciding whether to hire a personal injury attorney can be one of the most major decisions of your life? Are you experiencing an ordeal which you believe could be rectified by consulting a personal injury lawyer? The following is a closer look at...

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

Are you searching Google for the best Personal Injury Attorney near me, or the best personal injury lawyer near me? Our personal injury lawyers Milwaukee and car accident attorneys Milwaukee, Wisconsin can best help you whether you've been in a car accident, motorcycle accident or had another serious personal injury.

My Neighbor's Dog Bit My Child. Should I Sue?

Being the victim of a dog attack can be a traumatizing event in anyone’s life, but this is particularly true if the subject of the attack is a child. Children are the most likely victims of dog bites. More than 50% of dog bite victims in the...

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite Injury in Wisconsin?

If you or someone you love was bitten by another person's dangerous pet, you may be wondering who is responsible for providing you with compensation. In the state of Wisconsin, dog owners are strictly liable for damages resulting from the...