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Welcenbach Law wins medical records class action in Wisconsin Supreme Court

Congratulations to Welcenbach Law Offices and Robert Welcenbach for their class action victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Attorneys Scott Borison and Craig Jones acted as co-counsel along with Robert Welcenbach for the Plaintiff who brought suit on behalf of all Wisconsin citizens. Welcenbach Law Offices brought the class action lawsuit against Healthport Technologies alleging they illegally charged Wisconsin patients to receive certified copies of their own medical records.

Class Action Victory

Class action lawsuit against Healthport upheld by Wisconsin Supreme Court. Welcenbach Law Offices was successful in arguing that Healthport charged Wisconsin residents illegally to obtain certified copies of their own medical records.

Supreme Court Hears Class Action for Medical Records Costs

Robert Welcenbach, of Welcenbach Law Offices argued in the Wisconsin Supreme Court on October 20, 2016 in a class action case over improper medical records charges. His client alleges Healthport and Aurora have illegally charged fees to Wisconsin Citizens to obtain their own medical records.

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